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Energy Project Development
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CDI collaboration partner Abantia was the lead engineer and constructor in this project

An example of an innovative approach the company seeks to maximize system efficiency

(Trigeneration plant producing power, steam and cooling in the Dominican Republic)

Customer Focus - Utilities using oil based fuels for power generation 

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System Development

Clean Development International ("CDI") assembles a team of experts and collaborating companies to identify and execute sustainable and affordable energy solutions for utilities and ultimately utility customers. CDI and its partners have broad experience in all facets of energy project development, engineering, procurement,construction and financing as well as regulatory expertise.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the primary focus of CDI. CDI integrates energy systems in a synergistic manner to provide better long term economics without penalizing current utility customers. CDI identifies solutions that can expand over time to adapt to changing renewable standards and requirements. 

Contact us to learn more about our energy project development services and the potential for a free screening analysis (see below) from Clean Development International.

About Us

We determine the best course of action for your utility's needs with energy systems analysis. With more than 75 years of combined professional experience, we are committed to providing quality services to determine the best resolution to fit your needs. We have a working understanding of remote utility company's circumstances and strive to bring affordable energy to your customers with new existing solutions.

Free Analysis- The free analysis begins with a screening study to make sure that there is a potential to meet the utilities goals for any project development that would be possible. If the screening analysis shows there is an indication of a potential to meet the utility's criteria, then an engineering study will be undertaken based on the screening study targeted systems. If the engineering study leads to results that do not meet the utility economic criteria then the engineering study will be free. If the utility decides to go ahead with the recommended project(s) and CDI and its engineering and construction partner are used to develop the project, then the study will be free. If the engineering study shows that the utility can meet its economic criteria and the utility decides not to go forward with CDI then the engineering analysis will be provided at cost. 


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