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Energy Project Development
Solutions Matched To The Needs Of Each Utility
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CDI collaboration partner Abantia was the lead engineer and constructor in this project

An example of an innovative approach the company seeks to maximize system efficiency

(Trigeneration plant producing power, steam and cooling in the Dominican Republic)

Combined Heat & Power Systems (Cogeneration and Trigeneration)

Alternative power systems can be designed to use heat that now is wasted to generate additional power. Also,where heat is now used to do low value operations those operations may be upgraded to use new technologies that don't use thermal energy, thus freeing up heat to generate more power and help to reduce high cost fuel use.

Energy Efficiency

Maximize your energy efficiency through our energy development services. We look for energy to capture and to put that energy to use in innovative ways. Our staff can identify the potential for systems to capture process heat and use it for additional electric production or for alternative uses.

Renewable Power Systems Integration

Let us match different renewable power generation systems in a new ways to create a hybrid power generation system that can provide energy at a lower overall cost than stand alone systems. 

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