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Energy Project Development
Solutions Matched To The Needs Of Each Utility
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CDI collaboration partner Abantia was the lead engineer and constructor in this project

An example of an innovative approach the company seeks to maximize system efficiency

(Hybrid solar power plant operating in Spain)

Analysis of opportunities for new power production systems

Depend on us to determine the correct methods to reach your energy goals with a systems screening analysis and if applicable an engineering design from Clean Development International.

New Systems Development

Identify more efficient and less expensive operating systems through our evaluation of your existing system to lower the cost of power generation. Many new systems can be installed quickly and can lead to very short payback times.

CDI will also bring financial solutions that can be used depending on the specific utility circumstance and need.

Experience in development of all types of energy production systems

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Bio-fuels
  • Waste capture
  • Alternative Fuels


We match your solutions to the specific needs of your company through an analysis by our experienced energy professionals. We understand that you must create solutions that are valuable to your owners and customers. We also understand you operate in a regulated environment that may now have renewable requirements or at some point in the future may include renewable portfolio standards and that operations must be flexible to meet future needs.

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